Adults and Older People


The main objective of our Music Therapy work with adults and older people in the community or residential care is to support individuals in overcoming physical and psychological difficulties. We offer sessions in a variety of settings such as community groups, within social services, residential homes, care homes or those living independently. We aim to work alongside charities and local support groups in order to improve individual’s mental health, well-being and quality of life.

Support for Adults and Older People

We support adults of all ages with mental health difficulties; Autism; Alzheimer’s and Dementia and learning disabilities. Whether these disabilities are mild or profound Music Therapy Wales aims to see and offer support to a whole range of clients.

Bringing Music Therapy to you

Living in a rural part of Wales we understand how accessing community groups and support groups can be difficult for older adults or adults with additional needs. That is why we also aim to bring Music Therapy to those who cannot access these groups by offering one-to-one sessions from a client’s home.

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