We support children in the community with a wide range of needs including behavioural and emotional difficulties, learning disabilities, ASD and children with additional needs who may or may not have a diagnosis.

We offer a music therapy service in a variety of settings including residential homes, community groups and social services.

Wherever possible and appropriate we work alongside parents at home, staff in residential homes and local authority teams for children in care. We aim to work alongside local organisations and charities that also work with children and young people in the community.
Group and individual sessions often focus upon developing skills that can be transferred from the music therapy sessions into everyday life.
Sessions can often focus upon:

  • Improving Communication Skills
  • Developing an Understanding of Social Situations and Interactions
  • Developing Cognitive Skills
  • Support with Emotional or Behavioural Issues
  • Using group sessions to develop and strength relationships whilst helping individuals feel accepted and valued both by their friends, family and community

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