Additional Needs


People with additional needs may find it difficult to express themselves and communicate to those around them. This can often have an impact upon an individual’s sense of self and identity.

In non-verbal children and adults vocalisations often reflect an individuals desire to communicate, but these attempts can often get misunderstood or lost in translation. This is where music can be an incredibly powerful tool.

In Music Therapy for those with additional needs, music becomes a new and shared ‘language’ between client and therapist and acts as a powerful means of expression. It allows an individual to share their thoughts, ideas, feelings and inner emotions as well as improve their physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills. Music Therapy has been effective in supporting those with additional needs, such as those with:

 Physical of intellectual disability
 Learning Difficulties
 Expressive Communication Difficulties
 Developmental Delay
 Syndromes such as Down, Rett and Tourette

Upon assessment of an individuals strengths and needs an individualised programme is created to help clients meet established goals. These goals may be cognitive, physical, emotional or social and are evaluated on an on-going basis.

Example Therapy Goals:

– Enhance learning, attention and memory skills
– Enhance vocalisations
– Help emotional regulation
– Improve social skills
– Improve fine and gross motor skills and muscle control through movement in music
– Help in pain management
– Provide sensory and mental stimulation
– Promote self-esteem
– Enhance receptive and expressive language
– Allow free expression and engage as an equal partner
– Experience being listened to and waited for
– Reducing anxiety levels and increasing creativity
– Enjoy a better quality of life

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