Aspergers Syndrome and Autism


Many studies have found that children and adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) respond well to music. Often individuals with autism respond positively to music when other methods of engagement may have been unsuccessful.

Studies have shown that musical interventions used with children and teens with ASD can improve social behaviours, increase focus and attention, increase communication attempts (vocalizations, verbalizations, gestures, and vocabulary), reduce anxiety, and improve body awareness and coordination.

The main objective of this service and our work in this area is to develop skills within the music therapy sessions that can be transferred into every day life. For children there is a special focus upon developing understanding of social situations and interactions, as well as looking at cognitive skills and emotional or behavioural issues.

Each session will typically focus upon:

– Skills for Learning
– Speech, Communication and Social interaction
– Support with Emotional Issues
– Support with Behavioural Issues
– Fun!

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