Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties


Emotional and behavioural difficulties are quite common in children and adolescents and can manifest in many ways: anger, withdrawal from family, social isolation, lack of self-concept and self-esteem, aggression, failure at school, running away, alcohol and/or drug abuse, and even suicidal tendencies. For children and adults without a specific diagnosis, or following a trauma or bereavement access to help or support can be difficult.

Music Therapy is a proven successful intervention for addressing emotional and behavioural difficulties. It provides a creative, non-threatening and non-intrusive environment, which can help break down inhibitions. Although talking can be very much part of the Music Therapy process, it is certainly not essential and this means that Music Therapy is often a less threatening form of therapy and is accessible to everyone regardless of their communication skills.

The main objective of our work in this area is to identify triggers and work on developing alternative strategies to manage behaviours, which may be challenging.

Group and one-to-one sessions allow individuals to:

– Express themselves
– Expand their capacity to respond, relate and communicate
– Adopt appropriate social behaviours
– Experience group identity, cohesion and purpose through using a ‘common’ language (their music!)
– Facilitate self-regulation and a deeper understanding of impulsive or inappropriate behaviour
– Enhance relaxation and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety
– Develop and improve self-esteem and self-awareness
– Develop new skills, both musical and non-musical

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