Adults and Older People


We offer weekly day services and sessions to adults and older adults in care homes, hospitals, and hospices. We offer our services in day centres as well as in a residential setting, assisted living or those living independently in order to give far-reaching support across the county.

For adults living with life-limiting conditions or at end of life care, quality of life, respect and dignity is at the core of our work.

Music Therapy is used with older adults to maintain or increase their levels of physical, mental, social, and emotional functioning. Music used as a sensory and intellectual stimulation can help maintain a person’s quality of life or even improve it.
The outcomes of such research has shown that that Music Therapy has the potential to:

  • Improve memory recall
  • Create positive changes in moods and emotional states
  • Give clients a sense of control over life
  • Manage pain and discomfort
  • Promote interest where other approaches have been ineffective
  • Musical structure has shown to promote rhythmic and continuous movements or vocal fluency as an addition to physical rehabilitation
  • Offer opportunities for clients to interact socially with others
  • Provide opportunities for meaningful interactions among family members
  • Address and alleviate feelings of depression, fear, isolation, disorientation, confusion, anxiety, loss of control, loss of independence and loneliness

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