We Are All Musical


A common worry with individuals who seek Music Therapy is that they are not ‘musical enough’, but I believe that We Are All Musical.

Biologically we are all musical.

All of our hearts beat to our own rhythm that changes as we go through our own life experiences and journeys; we have our own internal rhythm that belongs to us and us alone. Yet, musicality is not always about the individual but is very often about connecting with and to others. Even in the womb we use the sound of our mothers heartbeat to regulate our own, and once born infants lean on the mothers chest to be soothed by this heart beat in times of distress and discomfort. Biologically we are musical and rhythmic beings and from a young age seek this internal rhythm as comfort and use it as an unspoken communication and bond with other individuals. We Are All Musical.

Psychologically we are all musical.

Everyone has experienced hearing a song that resonates with his or her own emotional turmoil or life experiences. We can all be affected by music- whether we are listening to music in the car and it makes us drive faster, if we are using it to relax after a long day, or if we just can’t stand a particular song or tune and have to go an turn it off! We are all impacted emotionally by music and music speaks where language fails. Music crosses all borders of nationality, race and culture and connects directly with an individual – without the need for words or explanations. Many use music to regulate their emotions, create an atmosphere and bond with other people. We Are All Musical.

I am musical.

Ask me to play a piano concerto and I truly wouldn’t know where to start. Yes, I have been trained to play the clarinet and trained to use my voice but that is all the trained ‘musicality’ that I have. I do dabble with the ukulele, piano and all the small percussion you can think of, but I play these instruments with my feelings and my soul. I am musical. In all senses with my clients I am there to improvise with them on their level, with their feelings and their soul to journey a path together and come out on the other side with a firmer understanding of themselves and their goals. Everybody is different, everyday is different and no improvisation is ever the same. Each improvisation is unique to that moment with that individual and it is always important. Whether I am working with an individual with developmental, emotional, cognitive or physical goals we can all improvise, we can all play, we can all connect and We Are All Musical.

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